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Access Bank Instant Loans Without Collateral

Does Access bank offer loans with collateral? This question and so many others are on the lips of small and medium business owners etc. The answer to this question will be unveiled here, but you should come to know more about Access bank.

Access Bank is committed to assisting small businesses, and their solution is a convergence of ecosystem solutions that are aligned with the difficulties that small businesses face.

What are the difficulties? Problems with business management methods, capacity building, marketing, and sales of their products or services.

Access Bank Loans without Collateral Framework

Below are the amazing framework of Access bank loans without collateral

Lending Against Turnover (LATO)

This is an instant loan product aimed at non-salary account holders with a six-month or longer relationship with the bank. This loan is for 30 days and does not need any documents or collateral from the recipient.

The Access Bank loan code – *901*11*1# – is a straightforward way to apply for this type of loan. Loans in Nigeria are available through the USSD code.


A phone number linked to your BVN and proof of wage payment in the previous month is required for a late loan.

You can borrow to pay your child’s or ward’s school tuition in advance as a parent or guardian. You can also use this form of loan to pay for something else.

A legally completed application form, a duly accepted offer letter, a school fees bill/invoice in the name of the student, a valid ID card, and a recent utility bill in the last three months are required for a school fee advance.

Personal loan

This form of loan is for employees who want to use a salary administration solution to help them meet their needs. It is adaptable and has a 36-month duration.


A completed application form, a completed employer’s confirmation form, a copy of your employment ID, BVN, credit checks, and a lien letter are all required for a personal loan.

W Power Loan

This one-of-a-kind Access Bank loan product helps female-owned businesses bridge the funding divide. They have access to loans and credit through W Power Loan.


To qualify for a W power loan, the company must be 50 percent owned by women, have been in operation for at least one year, and employ two people.

Creative Sector Loans

This is a loan from the Central Bank of Nigeria intended to help individuals and businesses expand capacity and create jobs in industries such as fashion, information technology, film production and distribution, music, and so on.


A business plan or a statement of how much money you need for your business is required for the creative industry loan.

How to Repay Access Loan

When you acquire a loan from Access Bank, you will be given clear instructions to return it.

The majority of the products will be paid in monthly installments after 30 days of receipt. This payment is withdrawn automatically from your account every month, saving you the hassle of contacting your bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Access Bank code for borrowing money?

You can apply for a payday loan by dialing the Access Bank payday loan code on your phone – *901*11*1#, utilizing internet Banking to borrow money fast online, or using Access Bank’s WhatsApp Banking platform.

How can I get a loan of $300,000 from Access Bank?

Up to $300,000 in quick loans are now available with a 90-day payback option. To get started, dial *901*11#.


Conclusively, Access Bank loans without collateral are indeed one of the best due to their low-interest rate and the swiftness in Accessing the loan.
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