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FCMB Instant Loans Without Collateral

Does FCMB borrow loans without collateral? Indeed this question is essential, especially if you seek to get a loan to boost your business or handle some financial matters.

In this article, the answer to this question will be answered, but first, you need to know some basic information surrounding the FCMB loans framework. Keep reading!

An individual borrows money in the form of a loan. Typically, the person or company who takes out the loan is left with a debt that must be repaid-with interest. In its most basic form, it aids people in meeting unexpected financial obligations.

The bank is the most prevalent source of credit. A well-known bank, such as FCMB (First City Monument Bank), is renowned for providing simple loans.

You may now be wondering how to apply for a loan without collateral l with FCMB. This piece is everything you need to know.

FCMB Loan Options

FCMB has several different financing options available. All that’s left for you to do now is pick the one that best suits your needs. You can obtain the following deals:

Fast Cash

Fast cash from FCMB is a no-collateral, paperless loan. By dialing 32911# on your phone.

What distinguishes FCMB fast cash from other cash advances?

FCMB Fast Cash contains the following features and benefits:

  • It allows you to receive payments immediately.
  • Fast cash is advantageous since it eliminates the need for documentation. 32911# is the only number you need to dial.
  • You can also apply as often as you wish
  • Finally, you will receive a three-month replacement cycle.

FCMB Fast Cash Eligibility Criteria?

To qualify for an FCMB fast cash loan, you must meet the following criteria:

To meet an immediate financial necessity, you must apply for an FCMB rapid cash loan.
FCMB must provide you with fast cash services.
The loan will be deposited into your FCMB current or savings account. Non-FCMB customers, on the other hand, must utilize their salary accounts.
Essentially, this encapsulates the main prerequisites for obtaining a quick cash loan. However, you can go to their website, www.fcmb.com, for more detailed information.

Loan for Premium Salary

This lending program is for business employees who have been confirmed. However, the organization must have a Moody rating of at least BB.

In addition, interested parties must be eligible for a loan of at least N2,000,000, and the good news is that you can also get the loans without collateral.

What distinguishes a premium salary loan from others?

The following are some of the essential elements of the premium salary loan:

  • Your request for a loan of at least N 2 million.
  • A one-percentage-point management charge is paid up ahead.
  • A 12-month minimum and 60-month maximum term are required.
  • Finally, the insurance charge will be 0.9 percent of the loan amount over the life of the loan.

Loan plus Salary

This is another way you can get FCMB loans without collateral, and it is a customer credit program available only to FCMB account holders who receive a wage.

Loan eligible FCMB clients can acquire funding before receiving their paychecks through salary plus.

FCMB Salary Plus Loan Eligibility Criteria?

You must provide your payment account to get a salary plus a loan. You must also show regular salary receipts for at least six months and a referral to your employer.

How to Apply for FCMB Loans without Collateral

The FCMB Loans without collateral can be accessed in the short term for your small and medium-sized business customers with quick turnaround times.

Customers can get a loan for as little as N20,000 and as much as N10 million in as little as 24 hours, with no collateral and a customizable monthly payback schedule of up to 180 days.
Follow the procedures below to apply:

  • Start your Business Banking platform today.
  • Select SME Quick Loan from the Loans menu.
  • Enter or pick your company’s account number.
  • Fill in the blanks for the 15 quick and easy questions (remember to select or enter the eligible amount)
  • Click Submit Request
  • A popup will appear, informing you of the progress of your loan request.
  • Go to your nearest FCMB branch to pick up a printed offer letter, sign it, and activate your account.


Conclusively, FCMB Bank loans without collateral are indeed one of the best due to their diverse nature and accessibility of the loans.

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