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Fidelity Instant Loans Without Collateral

For most Nigerians, a loan is quickly becoming a need. Loans are necessary because they assist you in resolving financial difficulties. Furthermore, it is fairly typical for people to request bank loans.

A respectable bank, such as Fidelity Bank, can assist you in meeting your financial obligations. Here’s everything you need to know about applying for a loan with Fidelity Bank.

Fidelity Bank, established in 1988, is one of Nigeria’s most prominent financial organizations. They began life as a Merchant Bank. In 1991, it changed its name to a commercial bank, and in 2001, it became a Universal Bank. 

Their bank also boasts a customer base of more than 5 million. Customers are served via Fidelity Bank’s different branches and internet banking facilities.

What Types of Instant Loans With Collateral Does Fidelity Bank Provide?

You can choose from several personal loan choices at Fidelity Bank. All you have to do now is choose the loan choice that best suits your needs. The following are the several fidelity instant loans with collateral available to you: 

Quick Loans

Quick Loans is one of the fidelity instant loans without collateral. As the name implies, a fast loan gives you immediate access to funds.

This loan is appropriate for unexpected expenses such as school fees or business financing. The six loan alternatives for a fidelity instant loan with collateral are as follows: 

Payday Loan

A payday loan is a short-term loan designed to meet the needs of salaried individuals. However, the accounts of these wage earners must be with Fidelity Bank.

Personal loan

Personal loans allow you to obtain funds to meet your specific requirements. This loan is also hassle-free and only available to Fidelity bank clients. 

Point of transaction (POT) Loan

This is a short-term loan that Fidelity Bank customers can use to complete their financial transactions. These financial transactions are typically initiated at a POS or ATM, although they may be left pending due to a lack of funds. A POT loan solves this difficulty.

Fidelity NYSC Loan

This loan is for NYSC members currently serving (National Youth Service Corps). All that is required of a serving member is to apply and receive immediate financing. 

Fidelity Loan on Account Turnover (FLOAT)

This loan program is available to active Fidelity account customers. You must, however, have an active Fidelity Bank account to qualify for this loan. 

Migo Loan

This is a microloan service that provides customers with instant loans without any paperwork. The loan is deposited into the customer’s account by Fidelity Bank.

Fidelity’s Simple Asset Leasing Program (FEALS) 

This financing service provides capital for asset acquisition. Household appliances, generators, laptops, and even a new car are examples of these assets. 

Loans for Personal Use 

This financing service will cover all of your mortgage payments. It provides you with funds to purchase your dream home. 

The Fidelity Personal Loans Program (F-PLS) 

This loan service can help you meet urgent personal financial responsibilities by providing funds. Rent, school fees, travel expenses, and hospital bills are all financial commitments.

Scheme of Instant Salary Advance 

Before your next payment, you can get up to 50% of your monthly earnings through an instant salary advance arrangement. You’ll be issued a loan for half of your wage in layman’s terms.

Once you receive your salary, Fidelity Bank will automatically return it to you. This financing business helps salaried people with their mid-month needs. Learn more about Nigerian banks that offer no-collateral loans. 

Credit Cards from Fidelity Bank 

You can spend now and pay later with a Fidelity credit card. You may use this card to buy anything you want and pay it off later.


Are you aware of more fidelity instant loans without collateral? We’re excited to know your response in the comments section below.




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