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Gtbank Instant Loans Without Collateral

Guarantee trust bank LTD is one of the top Nigerian banks that has become a household name due to their amazing structures ranging from their interest rates, loans without a collateral framework, and so many other amazing features for customers to leverage.

In this article, I gave an insight into the amazing features of Gtbank loans without a collateral framework. Keep reading with rapt attention.

GTbank loans without Collateral framework 

Below are well-detailed lists of Gtbank loans without collateral that may be suitable for you and yours (family & friends).

Travel Advance loan

Travel Advance is a time loan designed to help GT customers fulfill their travel demands if their pay accounts are with the Bank.

Airline tickets, hotel reservations, and other travel-related expenses are eligible for a travel advance loan.

Tours and Events Airport Pickup and Transfer


The amount of the facility ranges from N250,000 to N3,000,000.

Time Bond: 12 Months

Interest Rate: 20% Percentage Per (subject to money market conditions)

Comfort/Security: Salary and allowances domiciliation


  • GTBank must be the beneficiary of the customer’s salary account.
  • Must have received their income from the same employer through GTBank in three months.
  • Naira is the only currency used to pay salaries (NGN).

How to Make an Application for a Travel Advance Loan

  • Log in to your Internet Banking account.
  • Under Investments and Quick Loans, select Travel Advance.
  • Make a New Request by selecting Travel Advance.
  • Complete the required fields.
  • Submit your request after entering the six numbers on your token.

Advance Loan for School Fees

School Fees Advance is a loan meant to help you pay for your child’s or ward’s school fees at Nigerian schools and institutions.

Members of staff of public and reputable private organizations whose wages are lodged with the Bank are eligible for this facility.

How to Get an Advance Loan for School Fees

  • Completed Application Form and Employer Undertaking Form must be submitted together.
  • Provide a bill for school fees as well as credit insurance.
  • Ensure that the terminal benefit for your employees is held in GTBank or secure a Corporate Guarantee.


GTMortgage provides credit to customers whose salary or company revenues are held in the Bank’s account, allowing them to purchase a home in selected cities.

Class A 

DescriptionSmall scale place of residence in Abuja and Lagos 
Minimum (N)3 Million
Maximum (N)160 Million

Class B 

DescriptionVery Small Scale place of residence in Lagos and other states in Nigeria
Minimum4 Million
Maximum 60 Million

Title Document of Property

Offer Letter to Sell Property from Vendor Documentation Completed Application Form

Search report from GTBank Legal Group Valuation report from any of the Banks’ authorized estate valuers.

What are GTMortgage repayment alternatives available?

An applicant can make equal monthly principal and interest payments or quarterly, semi-annual, or annual principal payments while paying interest every month.

Salary advance Loan

Get up to 50% of your net monthly salary in Advance. Employees of commercial firms and government agencies with active* GTBank pay accounts are eligible.

What are the benefits of Salary Advance to you?

  • Up to 50% of your net monthly compensation can be paid in Advance.
  • The duration is 30 days. Renewable every month.
  • There is no requirement for a security deposit.
  • Employees in the public sector are paid a minimum of N 25,000, while those in the private sector are paid a minimum of N 50,000.
  • Within 24 hours, a salary advance will be available.

How to Make an Application for a Salary Advance

To apply, simply login to Internet Banking or dial *737*8*2# from a GTBank branch or ATM near you.

Scheme for Computer Acquisition

Current serving Corps members whose allowance accounts are domiciled with the Bank can use the Computer Acquisition Scheme to fund the purchase of mobile devices paid during the service year.


Loan Amount: The highest loan amount is N60,000

Duration: 3 – 10 months

Time to Pay Back: Interest will be paid in equal monthly installments for the facility’s life and will not exceed 33.3 percent of the Corps member’s monthly allowance.

The allowance of a Support/Comport Corps member must be deposited in a bank with a competitive interest rate.


Members of the Corps are eligible for a mobile device with a flexible repayment plan.

It provides Corp members with additional information, expertise, and opportunities to learn new skills.


Conclusively, Gtbank loans without collateral framework have many amazing features suitable for people of all work of life. From the above features stated above, which of them will you leverage?

Kindly drop your answer in the comment session.




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