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Tension In Adamawa As Lawmaker Defects From PDP To APC

There were disagreements at the Adamawa political rallies on Monday over a plan by the State House to declare a vacant seat for a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC).

Ayuba Joseph Kwada, who represents the Michika constituency in the National Assembly, over the weekend announced a change in membership from the PDP to the APC, saying the PDP had excluded him from activities and decisions that should involve or require his views.

His defection from the PDP allegedly caused panic within the House leadership and the national government, as the PDP with Ayuba had just a minority of 14 to 11, which means the average now is 13 PDP members out of 12 APC House.

It was rumored in the town around Adamawa State on Tuesday morning that the House in a day-to-day meeting would announce that Ayuba seat was vacant.

Youths supporting Ayuba responded by gathering in front of the House of Assembly Complex on Barracks Road, Yola, at 9am, protesting allegations of a plot to oust Ayuba by announcing that his seat was vacant.

The youth displayed placards protesting the program as they sang songs praising Ayuba.

Ayuba, in an interview with the media, during the protest, said he had left the PDP in the first place because the PDP and Governor Ahmadu Fintiri treated him in ways that suggested he was no longer important to them.

“I was left in the sun and could not bear the sun, so I went to the APC to get some shade,” said Ayuba.

Responding to a question about allegations that his seat was empty, he said, “I have heard all that, but I do not know how they will do it. Not long ago, Musa Bororo (representing Mubi South in the House of Representatives) left the APC for the PDP. His seat has not been declared vacant.

While the Adamawa State House of Assembly convened its session, on Tuesday afternoon, its continuation was a climax to anyone expecting any game regarding the Ayuba Kwada seat.

The Speaker of the House, Aminu Iya Abbas led members of the three-debt forum but said nothing about Ayuba Kwada.



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