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Sri Lankan President Invites Political Parties In A Bid To Form New Government

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the Sri Lankan President has officially offered an invitation to all political parties to join the government to form new government and as well find solutions to the ongoing crisis in the country.

The invitation came hours after cabinet ministers resigned from their posts.

In a statement, the president’s media division said the current crisis resulted from several economic factors and global development.

“Sri Lanka should find solutions within a democratic framework considering this a national need,” said the statement. “The time has come to work together for the sake of all the citizens and the future generations. ”

The president invited all political parties represented in the parliament to come together to accept ministerial portfolios to find solutions to the national crisis.

On Monday, Ajith Nivard Cabraal, Sri Lanka’s central bank’s governor, also tendered his resignation to Mr Rajapaksa.

Sri Lanka has for days been facing public protests calling on immediate measures to be taken by the government to solve the economic crisis.

On Friday, a state of emergency was declared in Sri Lanka, and a 36-hour curfew came into place in the evening the next day, which was lifted Monday morning.




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