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Praise singer, Rarara Calls Out President Buhari

A few weeks after praising President Muhammadu Buhari at the APC national conference, northern musician, Dauda kahutu, popularly referred to as Rarara, has called out President Buhari in his new song, over the state of insecurity in the country.

“Only few people now reason with you. Insecurity has been on the increase both in cities and in villages. What started as hearsay has become a reality,” Rarara sang. “Our wish is to see that we put things back on track.” 

The new song started to gain popularity after Rarara’s spokesperson, Rabi’u Garba Gaya, posted it on his Facebook page.

Rarara served as the music director of the Buhari 2019 presidential support committee and, in 2020, asked the public to donate N1,000 each to fund his new song describing Mr Buhari’s success.

Rarara’s support for Mr Buhari has led to criticism.

He narrowly escaped being attacked by a mob in the central Katsina market where he was filming a video for his latest song, ‘Jahata ce’.



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