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Buhari Government Is Irresponsible, Cause Of Insecurity – Saraki

Bukola Saraki, the Former Senate President has criticized the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, including his military advisers, for not responding and causing the worst possible deterioration in Nigeria.

Mr Saraki spoke on Tuesday in Jos while addressing Plateau delegates ahead of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) general election scheduled for May.

Mr Saraki aspires to get a ticket for the PDP president.

“The problem of insecurity in Nigeria is because there has been no accountability. People have done things, and nobody was held accountable for their failures,” explained Mr Saraki. “When I was Senate president, we sat down with security agencies and drew a roadmap on addressing the issue of insecurity, but the report was abandoned.

“If I am the president, I will hold people accountable, and they will do what is right to end insecurity, and there will be no injustice” Saraki said.

According to the former governor of Kwara, Nigeria is divided, needing someone strong enough to restore its lost glory and unite the people.

He pointed out that North-Central has been supporting other regions to lead the country and needs similar support elsewhere in this regard.

“We said to ourselves that for many times and many years, we, in the North-Central, have worked hard, we struggled, used our efforts, used our money, used our energies to support other people to lead,” said Mr Saraki. “Everybody, who had become president under this great party, got the seat because of our massive sacrifices.

He stressed that “we have now resolved that it is time for others to vote for us in 2023.”



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