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Oshiomhole’s Ex-Commissioners Condemn His Senatorial Ambition

Lucky James, (Local Government and Monarchy) and Inumidun Idehen (Women’s Affairs) have rejected Mr Oshiomhole’s desire to become a senator.

Mr Oshiomhole, former chairman of the APC, announced his intention on April 4, to enter the Edo North manager district competition.

The two former commissioners issued a joint statement in Benin on Thursday, pitching their tent with incumbent Francis Alimikhena and pledging to support him in his re-election.

The statement was signed in person by Mr James, a relative of Mr Oshiomhiole and Ms Idehen Mr Oshiomhole who resigned from his cabinet in June 2012, one month until the administrative elections in Edo.

They submitted that the re-appointment of Mr Alimikhena, instead of Mr Oshiomhole, would ensure that the district is old.

“Edo North APC youths should work in synergy with their respective leaders to ensure victory for Senator Alimikhena. To show the seriousness attached to Alimikhena’s re-election, his campaign organisation has been strengthened and our principal is the first to obtain the Expression of Interest and Nomination forms,’’ the statement said.

It quoted Mrs Idehen saying, “At my age and with my pedigree, I cannot deceive my own people. I owe it a duty to lead rightly and Alimikhena is the right person for 2023 Senate.’’

He urged the people to do the right thing by appointing and supporting Mr Alimikhena once again.

Responding to the statement, APC leader in Akoko-Edo, Ayo Olowojoba, said the support of Mr Oshiomhole would set the district manager back.

“We cannot be dragging Afemai backward by allowing a new person to go to senate. We will deliver Alimikhena by our unity, especially the Owan and Akoko-Edos,’’ he said.



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