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“I am a skit maker” – James Brown’s Colleague, Tobi The Creator, Discredits Crossdressing Claims

Following a proposed bill tendered by the house of representatives to jail all cross dressers, Tobi The Creator, a friend and colleague of James Brown dissociates himself from all claims relating to cross dressing.

Tobi The Creator who has been spotted on countless media content with James Brown as crossdressers clarifies the public misconception as he emphatically declares himself as a typical skit maker. He took to his Instagram page to say that he finds it disrespectful to be called a crossdresser.

In his words;

“Please y’all I think you are mistaken things by tagging the CEO of Starrrr all over blogs to be taken to prison and my brand found this so disrespectful because I am not a crossdresser, I have never been a crossdresser, I am a skit maker/entertainer and entertainers are not limited to what to wear until now thanks to y’all for understanding.”

The post was shared by James Brown via Instagram who mocked him for denying being a crosssdresser.

See below;



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