HomenewsMan In Despair Over Wife’s Alleged Affair With Mallam

Man In Despair Over Wife’s Alleged Affair With Mallam

A grieved married man has shared his ordeal on social media, narrating his wife’s alleged affair with a filling station manager.

According to him, his wife benefitted from the mallam who happened to be a filling station manager during the peak of fuel scarcity.

Read his post below:

“At the peak of fuel scarcity my wife befriended a filling station manager- a mallam! She got two full tanks of fuel, one for herself, another for her friend; and 20L for me. I innocently and gladly accepted, in a jerrycan. I didn’t even pay, to be honest.

Few days later, when we had a little misunderstanding, she bragged to me that the fuel I’ve been using to cruise around was given to her by a man like me! Dangerous talks.

Since then, even we settled somewhat she’s been receiving strange calls at odd hours. Few nights ago, I was woken up by her shouts on the phone; that she’s a married woman and that the person on the other end should stop calling her!

I couldn’t help but think and believe it’s the manager. As though she didn’t know she was married before she swindled the man of his fuel!

With all the aphrodisiacs (buran tashi) these mallams use, her (my wife’s) nyansh go don suffer. There’s no free lunch even in Freetown. Pray for me!”



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