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Actress Toyin Lawani Opens Up On Having Three Children With Different Men

Toyin Lawani, an actress, fashion designer and stylist, has opened up about having three children with different men.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, the stylist said a critic criticized her for birthing three children for three men after she prayed for those struggling to get pregnant.

Toyin posted a video on Instagram, chronicling her journey to motherhood, expressing her gratitude for how far she has come even during the days she cried, bled, and prayed for all she has now.

The businesswoman said she was grateful for where her bundles of joy came from and all she cares about is their success and the love in her heart for them. She wrote:

“Yesterday some wrote something on my page that got to me, I prayed for the fruit of the womb for moms out there who are struggling and the person wrote what about u that is mother Abraham to different kids with different dads.

“As usual, I blocked the person cause I hate replying to such comments, I’m human once in a while it might get to me, but when I go back and look at my story Y’ALL don’t even know half of it, the days I cried, I bled and prayed for all I have now, I just had to say A Big thank you, Lord, count your blessings, don’t let peoples opinions define you.

“My story is mine to tell and I will not let anyone write it for me, when the time is right I will, people want what you have, Be grateful, wherever my bundles of joys come from, I do not care, what I care about is their success and the love in my heart for them, behind every successful child is a great mother.

“Maybe you don’t understand why they call me the king of all Queens,What I’ve been through and smile daily will bury you. Just Rest In Peace in Jesus’ name”.



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