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Catholic Priest Joins Benue Gubernatorial Race

A Catholic priest, Reverend Fr. Hyacinth Alia, has officially declared for Benue state governorship, under the APC.

Mr Alia on Saturday held a consultation session with the Benue community in Abuja to solicit for support.

The meeting was organized by the Alia Alliance, a group that oversees efforts to develop a priest’s ambition to be a gubernatorian.

Introducing his seven-point plan for the development of Benue, Alia, of the Catholic Diocese of Gboko, said his goal was to ensure that the government continued to prioritize the needs of the people and the people of the diocese.

“Social justice will be strictly adhered to in the context of ‘One Benue, One Brotherhood’;” he said, adding that he would  also stop land grabbers in the state.

“We will provide a leadership that will restore our values, pride and dignity,” Mr Alia said.

According to him, Benue has been plagued by malnutrition for many years and has hampered its growth and development.

Mr Alia said the mistreatment over the years had caused the people of Benue to face hardships, insecurities and general hardships.

He called on the people of Benue to stand up and join him in turning “ugly political narrative in the state.”

“Benue is broken enough and it’s time to fix it. I joined party politics to save the empire from collapse.



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