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APC Presidential Aspirant Promises Job Creations If Elected

An APC presidential candidate, Tein Jack-Rich, has promised to provide numerous job opportunities for the people of Benue, if elected.

Mr Jack-Rich, a well-known industrialist, made the pledge when he welcomed a team of leaders who founded the APC in Benue led by Jack Tilley-Gyado to his campaign office in Abuja.

He identified the River Benue in Makurdi as a strategic economic hub with untapped economic opportunities, pledging to create more than 450,000 jobs in Benue and its duplication in the local economy.

“I have identified key economic hotspots within the confluence in Makurdi where we can build a strategic seaport. We will clear the waterways, expand and dredge the canals to allow for easy sail and berth of vessels with goods and services in and out of the Benue waterways. We will also have a shipyard at the Benue seaport,” the APC presidential hopeful explained.

“When we do this it would create over 450,000 direct jobs. Marine transportation will also thrive in the state when this happens. We will industrialise the agricultural sector of Benue state leveraging the economic potential of River Benue.”

He also revealed that part of his vision was to invest at least 5,000 tools in Benue where each person involved less than 90 people, especially young people, in the state economic value chain.

Mr Jack-Rich also pledged to set aside 5 percent of the country’s oil revenues as a stimulus to be managed by community development banks, in order to improve the economic well-being of local communities and the well-being of the masses.

Mr Jack-Rich said he would ensure that there was a proper environmental plan within the traditional heritage system that included district heads, chiefs, traditional chiefs and local authorities to manage the money.



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