Homenews2023: Methodist Church Urge Members To Get PVCs

2023: Methodist Church Urge Members To Get PVCs

The Prelate, Methodist Church of Nigeria, Samuel Kanu, has urged the members of the church to get their Permanent Voters Cards ready ahead of 2023 elections.

Mr Kanu made the call during the 60th Synod of the Methodist Church Nigeria, Ibadan Diocese.

The synod has its theme: ‘Preparing for The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Rev. 22: 12)’.

Mr Kanu, represented by the synod secretary, Very Reverend Davidson Aluko, called on all faithful never to collect money before voting to achieve the country’s desired results of enthroning righteous administration.

“In this way, we will help enthrone an administration that will usher in adequate security and economic buoyancy which will enable us to enjoy full dividends of democracy.

“We need more men and women with the heart of sincerity, while citizens are enjoined to pray for good people that will occupy leadership positions in every sector.

“Only God can save Nigeria during this time and give us leaders that will always be sincere to the plights of the citizens,” he said.

Mr Kanu said that the state of the citizens’ preparedness for good leadership was also akin to their level of preparedness for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

“Heb. 11 to 12 encourage us to focus on Jesus Christ, as we equally learn from the experiences of our forebears and contemporaries in the faith, who are undergoing the storms, experiencing the winds, and the pandemic of life,” he said.

Also speaking, the Methodist Archbishop of Ibadan Diocese, Most Reverend Olumuyiwa Odejayi, called on all to prepare for the second coming of Christ every moment of their life.

Mr Odejayi urged all faithful to always be purposeful, prayerful, obedient and persistent in their preparation for Christ’s return.

“To be careless, lukewarm and unprepared is the height of folly which can certainly lead to everlasting shame, sorrow and suffering.

“Getting ready for his coming infers obeying Him totally, living in peace with all and pleasing Him constantly,” he said.

Also, the Synod host, Very Reverend Oluyinka Akande, said that events unfolding globally were enough signs that Jesus would return soon.

Mr Akande remarks that anyone conscious of Christ’s coming will not take to corruption, nepotism, kidnapping, armed robbery and other vices.

According to him, one prepares by turning away from sin, turning to God in faith and purifying his/her by humility and holiness.

“Anyone preparing for Christ’s coming will not make fake promises whether during election campaigns or when seeking for one favour or the other.

“If we know that our deeds will be evaluated and judged at the return of Christ or what Muslim called ‘Agbende Alikiama’, which is similar to rapture, no one will kill another,” he said. 




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