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PDP Advised To Conduct Free, Fair Gubernatorial Primary

PDP gubernatorial candidate, Nwabueze Ugwu has called on the party in Enugu to ensure that its by-elections are free, fair and credible.

Mr Ugwu made stated this during the screening of candidates on Thursday in Enugu.

He said a credible primary will ensure that those who are screened will participate in the primary without being rigged out.

Mr Ugwu, who was a member of the Enugu House of Assembly between 1999 and 2003, said, “I want my party to organise a clean primary that will be fair to all the aspirants. I am hopeful that the most popular candidate will emerge and will be supported by all based on the credibility of the whole electoral process.”

Regarding zoning, he said it was important, stressing that without it there would be problems during the election as each constituency would like to produce a governor.

Reminded that he hails from the same constituency as former Governor Chimaraoke Nnamani and that the constituency should not run in the 2023 general election, Mr Ugwu said the zoning plan in Enugu was not based on council but on senatorial district.

“Zoning is according to senatorial districts and when we are talking about zoning in Enugu state, we mean senatorial zones,” he explained. “It was Enugu-East first, followed by Enugu-West and then Enugu-North. It is now the turn of Enugu East again.  We don’t micro-zone or zone according to LGAs, towns, wards, families or culture.”

According to Mr Ugwu, Enugu deserves a governor that practices inclusiveness and will ensure that everyone in the state gets employed.

He said getting jobs for Enugu people was possible given his 10-year research and work plan.

“This is what I am out to do. Governor Ugwuanyi has given the needed peace, he succeeded 100 per cent in that but I desire that if anyone is given employment, there shall be no problem in the state,” Mr Ugwu stated. 



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