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My Rent Went From 200k to 5.1m After Leaving Big Brother House: BBNaija Saga Lists Things That Force His Colleagues Into Depression

Saga Adeolu, BBNaija season 6 housemate in a recent interview gave an account of the struggle he’s had to face as a celebrity. The expensive lifestyle he’s had to maintain as a star after the show from the cost of outfits to house rent.

He revealed that the pressure to measure up is so high, personally, he’s had to move from a 600k apartment he shares with his guys to paying 5.1m for an apartment. “I used to live in a three-bedroom house. The rent was ₦600,000, and I was sharing the apartment with my guys. So that was ₦200,000. Right now, I am paying ₦5.1m.”

In the course of the Interview with Piggyvest.com, he was asked how he was spending his money, he narrated how he painfully returns outfits to the stylist after an event regardless of the fact that he spent up to 100k for it. In his words “Let me start with the obvious one. Clothes. You will pay a stylist ₦100,000 to style you and you still give them the clothes back.”

Things like this he says, are enough reason to send his fellow ex-housemates into depression. “That’s what makes some housemates depressed. It’s a life-changing event. It changes your reality drastically. So I am paying for that and I’ve had to furnish the house. It’s expensive, but it’s not like I can still be living in my father’s house at this age.” He says.



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