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Julius Agwu’s Wife Leaves Him Over Alleged Promiscuity Despite Ill Health

Ibiere Maclayton, wife of Nigerian standup comedian, Julius Agwu has allegedly left him over promiscuity despite his ill health, moving in with another man described as her supposed lover.

Before now, it had been reported that Ibiere had been a pillar of support to her husband during his numerous health challenges.

During an interview years back, the wife of the comedian shared that his medical condition got so bad to the point that he stopped breathing and was almost taken to the mortuary.

Leaving the 14-years old marriage, Ibiere revealed that the comedian’s promiscuous lifestyle has become unbearable for her and stood on the opinion that his side-chics should take care of him since they were the ones that squandered his riches when he was very much active in the industry.

Reacting to the ongoing crisis, Nigerians have shared their opinions across social media



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