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I Support IPOB’s Agitation But I Won’t Tolerate Violence – Governor Wike

The Governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike pledged his support to the indigenous people of Biafra, (IPOB) because of the injustice in the southeast and opposed the unrest.

In an interview, Governor Wike said his problem with IPOB started when they came to Rivers to burn down government buildings and force their membership on Rivers residents.

“There came a time that IPOB was singing praises about Wike. Nnamdi Kanu was singing praises about Wike, saying he is their son. Why? I said to the federal government there is nothing wrong with people agitating. What is important is to listen to their agitations. What are they talking about? Sit down with them. Talk with them.

My problem came, which I will not compromise with. They came to my state and burnt every infrastructure, the courts and police stations. The state put money in building the courts and everything; You came and burnt everywhere. Not only are you burning everywhere, you said we (referring to Rivers state) are part of you. And I said ‘no, don’t do that’. That is not correct.

I support the agitation. I support that there is injustice against the south-east, whether anybody likes it or not. We should sit down and discuss it. What did I do wrong? When you are now coming to say ‘burn everything there. We own everything. I’m a governor. I asked them a simple question — ‘do you need to kill everybody in my area and burn down the infrastructure simply for me to say I’m with you?’ I said no.”



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