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Atiku Should Be Arrested, Prosecuted Over corruption – Ex-spokesman, Afegbua

PDP official, Kassim Afegbua, has called on the United States government to investigate Presidential aspirant Atiku Abubakar, over fraud and corruption.

In a statement, the PDP official said the former Deputy President should visit the United States and clear his name of all corruption cases instead of running for President.

Afegbua recalled how the US Congress accused the former President of the PDP of money laundering together with his ex-wife Jennifer.

According to Afegbua: “The entire report of the US Congress copiously indicted Abubakar on issues concerning money laundering. It will make judicious sense if the United States Government is able to treat this pending matter once and for all by way of extraditing the former Vice President to answer those lingering queries on financial impropriety.

“The United States Congress report on the investigation is too damning to be ignored. If we truly want to sustain the ethics of transparent leadership and positive governance. I am, therefore, calling on the US Government to commence the process of inviting Atiku to the United States to face those charges without further delay. I am aware of the threats to my life over my strong position against the aspiration of Abubakar and other northern aspirants who are running against the run of play.

“I am, therefore, using this opportunity to plead that the United States Government takes expedite action on this matter in the interest of the rule of law, justice and transparency.

“The earlier Abubakar is made to face the full wrath of the law, the better for our anti-corruption crusade and the best for our fledgling democracy.”



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