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5 Legit Reasons to Call Out of Work Without Getting Fired.

How many times can you call out of work.

How to call out of work? When to call out of work? How many times can you call out of work? These are questions asked by many employees.

It is essential to take some days off from work to revitalize. You can only give your best when you’re in the right state mentally and physically. 

It is not enough to have a reason to call out of work; you need to know how to present it to your boss. Rest is good, but make sure you take days off when necessary, like when you’re sick or have a significant family function to attend. 

Taking the day off for minor issues like the death of your pet or your neighbor who broke a leg is wrong and tells your employer you don’t value your job.

Reasons for Calling Out of Work

How many times you can call out of work depends on the reasons you give. Here are some reasons you can use to call out of work:

  1. Health Issue: 

When you are down with an illness that can reduce your productivity, you should take the day off and take proper care of yourself. 

For this reason, nobody will ask further questions or turn down your request; however, your company may request a doctor’s report when you return.

  1. Loss of a Loved One:

Losing a loved one comes with a lot of pain, and working will be the last thing on your mind. In this situation, you must take time off work to mourn. 

  1. Childcare Emergency:

As a good parent, it will be unsafe to leave your children at home without any adult supervision. Asking for time off to settle daycare arrangements for your kids is a good excuse to call off work.

  1. Internet Issues:

This is the perfect excuse for remote workers who need a stable network to get work done. You can request some time off until you can rectify your network issue.

  1. Personal Day:

You can ask for a personal day off when you need time off to take care of some pending issues at home or a mental break from work.

Employers may reject your day request if you don’t have evidence of why you want the break. 

It is important to note that personal day differs from vacations and paid time off.

Steps on How to Call Out of Work

  1. Pick a method of communication:

When you want to call out of work, select a contact method that you can use to reach your boss quickly. Some might be through calls or text messages, while others through emails.

  1. Call As Early As Possible:

After picking a means of communication, get in touch with your boss early enough. If it is not an emergency, a week or two is ideal. 

For emergencies, call immediately to inform them about your situation.

  1. Be Brief:

Keep your calls, text messages, and emails short. It should have the basic details of why you will be absent. Express your intention to return to work soon.

  1. Give Suggestions:

Ask for help from colleagues to help you with your pending jobs while you are away. You could suggest the work-from-home option if you can do it.

  1. Prepare to come back:

As often as possible, keep in touch with your teammate or the colleague in charge of your responsibility. Be up to date on all the recent happenings; this will help you prepare adequately.

  1. Work hard: 

When you’re back at the office, make an extra effort to catch up with pending work.

Samples of Calling Out of Work

  1. Writing an email requesting a personal day.

Dear Bisi,

I am writing to inform you that I am taking a personal day off tomorrow to move into my new place. I have asked Gabriel to meet with the client in my absence.

I will be back the day after tomorrow.


Victor Moses

  1. Sending a text for a family emergency.

Hello Sarah,

I cannot work tomorrow; my kitchen caught fire this evening. The maintenance specialists will be here to fix it tomorrow. You can reach me on the phone in case of any emergency.

I will see you on Friday.

How many times can you call out of work?

There is no stipulated maximum number of times for you to call out of work, but you are advised to call out only a few times. Although some companies have this written down in your employment agreement, ensure you go through it properly. 

You can confirm with HR, if you’re still not sure.


How many times you can call out of work depends on your company and your reason. As much as you can, make this call only when necessary.

When you call out of work too often, you send the wrong signal to the organization. Over time, it will affect your work productivity.


Can I get fired for falling sick?

Yes, you can.

Your employer has the right to sack you for whatever reason.

What excuses should you avoid using?

These are some unprofessional reasons you should never use;

  • You have a hangover.
  • You are tired.
  • You had a bad hair day.
  • You forgot about work.


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