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How Much is a Neurosurgeon Salary in New York

Given the kind of work a neurosurgeon does, there are great expectations as to the amount of salary he should earn annually, especially in New York, the city that never goes to sleep.

In this article, you will discover how much is a neurosurgeon’s salary in new york.

Just before you learn all about a neurosurgeon’s salary in New York, there are a few things you need to know about a neurosurgeon and the field of neurosurgery. Keep reading for all of these intricacies. 

Who is a Neurosurgeon?

A Neurosurgeon is a medical doctor, but he is quite different from the other regular kinds of doctors in a hospital. This is because his responsibility is crucial to the correct mental functionality of patients. 

A neurosurgeon is a professionally educated medical doctor who studies, checks, diagnose, and treats conditions that affect the human brain, spinal cord, and entire nervous system. 

Neurosurgeons carry out surgical operations on the human nervous system, this does not however limit their roles to surgeries. They can also carry out non-surgical neural treatments.

They usually engage in every non-surgical treatment method such as medications, steroid injections, and physical therapies. A neural surgery is often the last point of call.

Other medical specialists often consult the service of a neurosurgeon because of their extensive training in handling the nervous system.

Neurosurgeons also diagnose and treat conditions that disturb the nervous systems’ supportive structures. The biological jurisdiction of a neurosurgeon in the human body includes the skull, spinal vertebrae, Spinal disks, blood vessels (arteries and veins), membranes, and tissues.

What does a neurosurgeon do in New York?

A neurosurgeon:

  1.  Assesses carries out the diagnosis, and treats conditions that affect the human nervous system, comprising the brain, spinal cord, spinal column, and all the other nerves that make up the vertebra column.
  1. Performs an open surgery to understand the various body systems that have been affected by a neural condition.
  1. Performs minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) also known as laparoscopy, with the aid of cameras and tiny incisions. 
  1. Performs endoscopic surgeries on the upper digestive system connected to the brain.
  1. Performs microsurgeries to safely transplant tissues and blood vessels in parts of the body where they are needed.
  1. Performing radiation surgery to destroy troubled cells and tissues

Neurosurgeons are specifically trained to operate the following machines in carrying out their duties.

  • Computed tomography machine
  • Magnetic resonance imaging machine.
  • Positron emission tomography machine.
  • Magnetoencephalography machine
  • Electroencephalogram mahine

Top 12 Neurological Conditions Handled by a Neurosurgeon in New York

  1. Brain Tumor
  2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  3. Cerebrospinal fluid leak
  4. Chronic  Spinal pain.
  5. Scoliosis
  6. Spinal Stenosis
  7. Osteoporosis
  8. Arachnoid Cysts
  9. Spina Bifida
  10. Herniated Disks
  11. Parkinson’s Disease
  12. Medulla Oblastoma

How Much is a Neurosurgeon Salary in New York

Statistics show that every neurosurgeon in New York City earns higher than every other neurosurgeon in the world.

The average medical neurosurgeon in New York City, NY makes $904,977, exactly 16% higher than the national average medical neurosurgeon salary of $778,846. 

This pay is also two percent higher than the combined average salaries of other American neurosurgeons salary. 

Neurosurgeons also earn a huge sum in annual bonuses and allowance. 

The average bonus for a Neurosurgeon in New York is  $175,451, 19% of their salary, with 100% of neurosurgeons in New York,  reporting that they receive a bonus on a consistent basis every year.

How Much Salary Tax Will You Have to Pay as a Neurosurgeon in New York City, NY

Yea, you read right. A neurosurgeon is a law-abiding citizen and therefore pays tax on all of his earnings.

A neurosurgeon pays an estimated average federal tax of 37% and an added New York state tax of 6.85%. After the combined taxes have been taken out, neurosurgeons in New York could expect to have a take-home pay of $543,565/year, with each salary equaling approximately $22,649.

Quality of Life of a Neurosurgeon in New York

A neurosurgeon earns a pretty large sum in salary both monthly and annually. With the huge bonuses they also get annually, neurosurgeons lead a great life in New York City.  A neurosurgeon in new york can afford a quality house, a good car (cars), and financially keep a family of four afloat. 

Below is a statistic on the average standard of living of a neurosurgeon in Newyork given his salary scale.

“With a salary pay of  $45,297 per month and the average apartment rental price of $2,506 per month in New York City, a Neurosurgeon pays 5.53% of their salary every month in rent. Therefore the average income a neurosurgeon spends on the cost of living excluding rent in New York per month is $1,250.

Considering the cost of living statistics above, New York City is ranked as 2nd out of the 2 largest nearby metropolitans that guarantee a great quality of life for a neurosurgeon.



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