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Secrets to Frequently Calling Out of Work

It is usually a nightmare thinking about how to phrase your excuse to call out of work. You may even have asked yourself, “How many times can I call out of work?” or “How often is too often?”

The truth of the corporate world is that activities and situations outside the workspace will regularly crash into office hours and company schedules.

If you do not want to lose out in any area of your life, especially one that you fancy, here are some answers to that nagging question: “How many times can I call out of work?”

How many times can I call out of work

Tips for Calling Out of Work

When frequently calling out of your job looks inevitable (especially during a dire period), implement these tips to get the reaction you expect from your boss.

Know Your Job and Its Parameters

One of the first things you must familiarise yourself with when you are a new hire is the policies of your workplace: written and unwritten.

Organizations or departments within the company have a culture that bids the members. Knowing this culture can help you when it is time to give that excuse for frequently calling out of work.

Corporate doesn’t like it when you are sick,” commented Deborah Seychelle, a former teacher who was laid off for calling sick too often. 

In answering the question, “How many times can I call out of work?” Bud Jennings says, “Government job – whenever you like; Union job – often; Roofer – Never.”

Know Your Employer or Supervisor

How the kind of personality of your immediate supervisor or employer usually influences your efficiency within a work environment. 

Some bosses may be choleric and will frown at you if you frequently make excuses to call off work. Others, who are more lay-backed, will extend that privilege, especially if you are a very dedicated worker.

Besides knowing their temperaments and personalities, cultivating a respectful yet friendly relationship with your employers or supervisors will do you a ton of good. It may even determine how often you call out of work.

Always Have a Cogent Reason

If you want the answer to “How often can I call out of work?” to be “as often as is reasonable,” you need to have a valid excuse for always asking. Calling out of work because it is your friend’s birthday does not fit that bill.

Do not ask on a whim; use the privilege sparingly. Employers are usually weary of slackers, and asking to leave work often indicates that you may just be in that class of workers.

Excuses concerning the health and welfare of yourself or loved ones are valid reasons to seek to call out of work. However, there are certain illnesses you can work through. Brase up and work. It earns you points. 

Do Not Be a Dead-Beat

In time every employer and supervisor comes to “know” their employees. They become aware of those workers who are dedicated to the company’s vision and those who are just slackers. 

Being someone who carries their weight of the job, takes on extra responsibility without murmuring, and finishes assignments on time earn you the privilege of calling out of work when it becomes inevitable.

If you are at the other extreme, you would expect a lay-off when the excuses become too much, no matter how valid.

Your Manner of Presentation Matters

If you have been denied something of value because of how you spoke, you will already know how important this tip is. 

Flimsily declaring you would not be available at work in a couple of days or mentioning your “indisposition” in passing will most likely earn you a query.

Except if it is a last-minute emergency, do not just send a text message or make a phone call. To take a leave to call out of work, do so in person. 

Depending on how technologically savvy your workplace is, you may need to write a formal letter or send an official mail. In the case of a medical appointment, you can attach a doctor’s report.

When presenting your excuse to call off work, ensure you:

  • Choose the appropriate manner of contact
  • Make your excuse brief
  • Offer solutions to mitigate any problem your absence will cause
  • Get ready to return promptly to work
  • Work harder when you return

Tips on How to Call Out Work

Excuses You Can Use to Call Out of Work

“How many times can I call out of work?” can be determined by how good your excuses are every time. Here are some reasons (just make sure they are “almost” valid) you can use:

BabySitting or Daycare

A good babysitting or daycare issue can be an excellent reason to take leave from work. Some examples of using this excuse include:

  • “My child’s daycare notified us that it will not be opened today.”
  • “My babysitter informed us of a last-minute emergency and will be unavailable.”

House Emergency

Another valid excuse that can earn you leave from work is an emergency in the house. It could be:

  • “My basement just got flooded,” or
  • “My boiler broke down, and I am currently having it fixed.”

Car Trouble

Your car can become a good excuse to call out of work. You may choose to phrase the excuse like this:

  • “My car broke down and is currently at the mechanic shop. I will have to work from home until it is fixed.”

Medical Appointments and Emergencies

A medical appointment or emergency seems to be an almost fool-proof reason to call out of work, especially if you are armed with a doctor’s report. Some usage this excuse include:

  • “My child has the flu and could not sleep last night. I have to take him to the hospital.”
  • “My husband is down with Covid. I need to be in quarantine for a while as I have had close contact with him.”

11 Best Excuses to Get Out Of Work

How Often Is Too Often

Calling out of work can irritate everybody around you; co-workers, supervisors, and employers; when it becomes too frequent. 

In taking the excuse to call out of work, it is advisable to space such occurrences as far apart as possible. For some employers, thrice in three months is too often.

Remember that you are most likely to get queried or even fired when your excuses paint a pattern that shows you as unreliable.


So “How many times can I call out of work?” It depends. Remember that in the corporate world, you rise because you are driven and dedicated to the company’s vision. 

When work demands become too pressing, you have to take time to evaluate your life and make some adjustments. It may require you to change your job or become self-employed.

Furthermore, take your health, especially your mental health, seriously. Rest and spend time with your family and loved ones.

I hope you found this article helpful. Leave your comments in the chat box below. Cheers. 

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