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Fans Give Praises To God As Mr Ibu Is Set To Be Discharged From Hospital

Nollywood actor, John Ikechukwu Okafor officially known as Mr Ibu is set and ready to be discharged from the hospital after a brief illness, as he has been spotted in a video getting his haircut.

It can be recalled that the actor who was left indisposed after a sudden illness which resulted to him being bedridden for some days and had stirred up series of get-well-soon prayers from fans.

The veteran actor had later revealed that he had been poisoned for the third time by someone or some individuals at an event which he had attended in Abuja.

The actor, while on his sick bed had also cleared the air on reports flying around which claimed he was soliciting for funds; he stated that he wasn’t asking anybody for money to pay hospital bills.



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