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APC Female Aspirant Obtains Presidential Nomination Form

Uju Ohanenye has become the first female presidential aspirant to purchase the APC N100m a Expression of Interest and Nomination form.

Ms Ohanenye purchased the form on Thursday in Abuja, rejecting any form of intimidation by her male counterparts.

“My fear is that men will want to muscle me out, but I am standing firmly for the people I am here to protect.

“They will want to push me over, but I cannot be intimidated. I have been emboldened,’’ she said.

Women candidates, youth and people with disabilities who run for any office in the party area pay half the price of the form.

Ms Ohanenye said as men who were vying for the presidency, she had what it takes to lead the country to the next stage of development.

“It is so obvious and all of us know that it is time for a mother to come on board. She said

“As it is today, considering the state of insecurity in the country and other things, children need motherly care; we can understand that from their attitude.

“I have never been a politician, but because of what I have seen, I just felt I should come on board.

“The major solution I am bringing on board is to involve the commoners and the less privileged in the governance of the country,’’ she said made her speech.

Ms Ohanenye, a legal expert, said there was a need for people to be included in the governance of the country and to create jobs to unite the unemployed youth.

“I am going to localise the construction of roads and many other things.

“I won’t copy the Westerners all through because they have their ways of constructing roads which makes the construction very expensive,’’ she said.

“I want to be out for all Nigerians be you Christian, Muslim, male, female; I don’t care. I just want to be there to ensure that everybody feels good.

“Lack of love, selfishness and bias are the causes of insecurity; people no longer feel any sense of belonging or reason to live,’’ she observed.

The female aspirant pledged her support for the option of a consensus candidate, on the condition that her main reason for joining the race was taken into account.

“Those issues concerning the downtrodden must be addressed.

“I don’t really care if any other person other than I takes up the responsibility, but the person must be one who will look into solving the problems of Nigeria,’’ she said.



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