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2023: Abacha Minister, Mokelu Joins Presidential Race

Ikeobasi Mokelu, information minister under General Sani Abacha, has joined the 2023 presidential race under the platform of the APC.

Mr Mokelu was the founder and promoter of #Istandwithbuhari, and also the founder of #Handshake Across Nigeria and the Movement for Brotherliness Across Nigeria.

“I have a rich political and polity pedigree. I was born and mentored by two great nationalists and independence fighters. My belief in the enduring legacy of our forefathers led me to develop and encourage the crafting of various elements of what is today, the 1999 Constitution,” Mr Mokelu explained.

He added that it “is on record that during my short tenure in office as minister of information and culture, I fostered one of the best relationships with the media and civil society, even at the risk of losing my job.” 

Mr Mokelu was a delegate to the National Constitutional Conference between 1994 and 1995, serving as chair of a number of sub-committees, including security, power sharing, and welfare among others.

The primary of the party will be held May 30 to June 1.



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