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We’ll Force Jonathan To Accept APC Presidential Nomination Form – Fulani Group

The Fulani group behind the purchase of the APC N100million Presidential nomination form has promised to make the ex-governor accept the form.

The former President had rejected the form purchased on Monday, claiming that they had been bought without his consent.

In a statement by the former president’s spokesman, he was said to be unaware “of this bid and did not authorise it.”

However, sources reveal that the secretary of the Fulani Group, Usman Mohammed, noted that the nomination was meant to be a surprise gift to the ECOWAS special envoy.

He noted that if the ex-president turned down the nomination form as he threatened, they would be left with no option than to force him to accept it.

“I believe you are aware of how we blocked his office in the FCT during our rallies in Kano, Suleja, Minna, and Abuja, and forced him to come out to address journalists. It is the same approach.

“If he doesn’t accept our form, we won’t let him out of Nigeria,” he said.

The Fulani pastoralists opted for the choice of Jonathan out of the almost 30 APC presidential candidates because of his patriotism and love for Nigeria, the scribe disclosed.

Mohammed explained that his people were compelled to sell their livestock to raise money for the nomination forms because of the development he brought to the Fulani and Almajiri schools.

“Jonathan is a Christian with a heart of Muslim. When he was president, he supported Almajiri schools, took care of our children, and fed them in many northern states. The money for the nomination forms was contributed by Fulani cattle herders in the country. We saw some media reporting Miyetti Allah or Northern Youths. That’s not true.

“Besides, he is the most experienced of all the APC presidential candidates. None of the other candidates has ever been president of the country, including Tinubu.

“He is a man who loves Nigerians and loves other people’s children more than his own. We need him to continue with his Almajiri school project, especially in Kano where we have over three million of these students. None of them bought uniforms with their money,” he said.



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