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Tinubu Sends Easter Message To Nigerians

All Progressive Congress (APC) leader and Presidential aspirant, Bola Tinubu has sent Easter message to Nigerians, reminding them of one Nigeria.

Ahead of the Easter celebration Tinubu noted that Good Friday is a precious opportunity to be thankful to God for His mercy and a time to reflect on ones belief in the Divine and what that means as one go about the conduct of daily lives

“This year has brought together the sacred days of two of the great Abrahamic religions and as Christians commemorate the sacrificial death of Christ, Muslims observe the Holy Month of Ramadan,” he noted. “In this, we are reminded that we Nigerians may be of different religions, yet we are of one family. We serve but one God.”

The ex-Lagos governor added that given that each of the great faiths hold compassion, devotion, humility and peace among their pillars, there should be no room amongst them for those who might use religion to divide and sow discord among brothers and neighbours.

He said Nigerians must stand against those who sought to do injustice to another because of their religious creed, ethnicity, or place of origin.

He, therefore, advised Nigerians to live a life of compassion, love, and selflessness , which Jesus preached and lived,  and for which He gave his innocent, blameless life.

“God made all humankind for his purpose and that purpose no man has the right to disrupt or question. Thus, we mark our common humanity and dedication to peace for all,” he stressed. “As we celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice this day, let us remember the millions of people who have been displaced by violent conflict and attack in our own nation. On this Good Friday, let us remember our sacred duty to uphold the dignity of every human being and let all who suffer be close to our hearts and become our brothers and sisters.”



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