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Tell FG Nigerians Are Dying, PDP Tells Edo APC

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP),Edo State Chapter, has asked the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state, to draw the attention of the APC-led Federal Government to the fact that Nigerians have been suffering because of their poor management of the nation’s economy, and this has led to extremely excruciating living conditions for Nigerians across the country.

This is contained in a statement issued yesterday by the acting State Publicity Secretary, Edo State PDP, Dr. Patrick Ojebuoboh.
The statement asked the state APC to convey the message to the Federal Government, as it appeared to be unconscious of the difficult times Nigerians live in.

It read: “Is the party aware that a litre of diesel is now selling for over N750, up from N240; 1kg of gas is N700 against N224 in 2015? The cost per unit consumption of electricity is up, so also is the cost for food.
“It is therefore disturbing that in the midst of these adversities, the APC by their utterances and posture give the impression they do not go to the same market as other Nigerians or consume electricity from the same public power source.
“Their recent jamboree convention, broadcast across various network stations in the country, is a spite on all Nigerians, who have been thrust into extreme poverty by the indiscretion of the APC and the bad governance they have enthroned in the country over the past seven years.”

The party also accused the Edo State chapter of the APC of not being bothered by the plight of the people under the weight of the central government’s failures.
It alleged that the party seemed more concerned about accessing public funds to squander and would prefer to ground the economy in Edo State as the Federal Government has done to the national economy.
“In case they may have forgotten, we want to remind them that Edo people are suffering from their government’s mismanagement of the country’s resources. Their inexplicable silence over the state of affairs of the economy is hypocritical.
“It is only soothing that Edo people know the APC for what it truly is and would continue to reject their self-seeking politics in favour of people-oriented, development-focused leadership being provided by the Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration and the PDP in the state.”



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