HomenewsShomolu Residents Spotted Sleeping Outside After Power Outage (Video)

Shomolu Residents Spotted Sleeping Outside After Power Outage (Video)

Residents of Shomolu, a residential suburb in Lagos, have been spotted sleeping outside due to excessive heat caused as a result of the nine days power outage in the area.

One would have expected the residents to put on the generator, but with the high cost of petrol, generators, that seems to be out of option.

The video has elicited reactions from concerned citizens who expressed their concerns.

_.nan_cy_ wrote: “This country is definitely the weapon fashioned against its citizen haba”

nails_dairy wrote: “No light.. no fuel, no water. How do we survive”

_burnny_ wrote: “Fuel no dey…light no Dey..breeze no blow…rain sef no wan Y fall just be like say everything dey against us for this country”



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