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Senator Abe Rejects Tonye Cole As Consensus Candidate

Senator Magnus Abe has rejected Tonye Cole as consensus candidate.

The Senator made the declaration in Okrika Local Government Area of the State while addressing his supporters during the inauguration of BATS Vanguard in the LGA on Sunday.

Sen. Abe was responding to the endorsement of Lagos State businessman, Tonye Cole as the consensus governorship candidate of the APC.

In his words, “let me assure you all that the road ahead will not be easy. Challenging the powers that have been established will not be easy, but you have the power, you have the capacity, you have the audacity if you’re willing to stand up and fight for what you believe.

“We are not afraid, I know that no amount of gang-p
up can over take the will of Rivers people if we make up our mind.

“I have said before and I want to say it again, Rivers people have never been slaves to anybody and nobody no matter the amount of money you have, nobody can enslave us here in Rivers State. We can chart our own destiny.

“We are having an election and people are already bringing in their partner; you all should look for your own partners so you can enjoy the dividends of a good leadership when the time comes and that is the reason I am here today to tell you that I am ready to serve you and I pledge that my kind of government will make sure you eat before I eat”.

Also speaking, the former Attorney-General of Rivers state, Wogu Boms said the endorsement of Tonye Cole as the consensus governorship candidate of the party will not work.

“Do not tell me anything; I know everything, we experimented with Dakuku, we failed spectacularly, we experimented with Tonye Cole, he could not even enter the ballot, we used Awara, we failed woefully again, now we still want to experiment with Tonye Cole again, it will not work,” he said.



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