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Presidential Aspirants Sharing Money To Delegates Unfit To Be President – APC

Abdullahi Adamu, All Progressives Congress (APC) national chairman has condemned APC presidential aspirants sharing money to buy the votes of delegates.

The chairman termed them unfit to be the party’s presidential candidate.

Mr Adamu said this in an interview with selected Hausa service media organisations late Wednesday night while reacting to the allegations that the party’s presidential hopefuls were sharing money to delegates.

“I don’t have evidence that aspirants are sharing money with delegates. For me, it’s the delegates that are selling their conscience, which is not proper,” noted Mr Adamu.

“Our delegates should know that anybody sharing money with them can’t be the right candidate for the party. He doesn’t mean well for the country. I don’t have a solution for the problem.”

This week, Doyin Okupe, a former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, revealed that the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential primary election would be characterised by financial inducements, suggesting that the party’s ticket will go to the biggest spender in dollar currency.

With 145 governorship aspirants and 25 presidential aspirants, Mr Adamu explained that politicians were rushing to the APC because it is the party in power.

“It is because that is where those that matter in the country are. It didn’t start today; we are the government in power. Today, in spite of all the insults, the APC has an advantage far ahead of other political parties,” he pointed out.

“Today, the APC is the biggest party in Nigeria. It’s natural that it will attract more Nigerians than any other party. This is where it is happening.”

He also mentioned that right-thinking politicians preferred to join APC.

“Any right-thinking politician would naturally gravitate towards the APC. Of course, we have our problems, but today we are the cynosure of all Nigerians, and I am hopeful, God willing, we will retain power in the general election,” he said.



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