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Polygamy Is War, Dangerous – Cubana Chiefpriest Warns

Instagram celebrity Pascal Okechukwu, also known as Cubana Chiefpriest, has warned against polygamy, saying it is dangerous.

This comes amid the Edochie scandal.

Yul Edochie announced his marriage to his second wife, Judy Austin despite spending 16 years with his first wife, May.

Cubana Chief Priest has warned that polygamy is a ‘war’ that ultimately destroys a generation, breeding hate and jealousy.

According to him, men may have side chics but they should avoid counting their wives because it is painful and breeds competition.

His post read: “Polygamy Is Dangerous, It’s a huge problem that ends up destroying an entire generation with hate, competition and jealousy that comes with it.

“You can number houses, businesses, cars, jewellers, side chics etch but please never you number wives, it’s so painful and hurting.”

He went ahead to warn men against bringing wars to their homes, adding that the home should be a place of peace, not war.

“Do unto others what you want them to do unto you. Don’t bring war to your home. Home should be a place of absolute peace. POLYGAMY is War !!!



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