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Plateau State APC Governorship Aspirants Reject Candidate

18 aspirants in the just concluded Plateau State governorship primaries have protested against the emergence of Nentawe Yilwatda as the party’s candidate.

The aspirants expressed their disappointment and disapproval of the primaries in a statement signed by Danyaro Sarpiya, the ‘Forum of Plateau APC Aspirants’ secretary.

“We have written an appeal to the appeal committee for a redress of this fraud to save the APC on the Plateau.

“Our grounds of appeal center on the fact that there was no delegate election and the list of delegates was constantly being amended with the last change effected on the day of the primaries.”

The aggrieved aspirants alleged that political appointees and local government chairmen sequestered the delegates’ list.

“During the primaries, unauthorized persons were in the venue to intimidate and follow up delegate votes,” they alleged.

They dismissed the claims that a gubernatorial primary took place on May 26, 2022, saying that the exercise was null and void and should be set aside.

They called for the review of congresses from the ward level to make way for the fair election of delegates to participate in another primary that would produce a credible candidate.

The aspirants recalled raising fundamental issues at a press briefing on May 9 and alerted the world about plans to impose Mr. Yilwatda on the party.

Efforts to get the reaction of Plateau APC were futile as the publicity secretary, Sylvanus Namang, said that he was “busy with APC Senate primaries”.



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