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Orji Kalu Pledges Support To Any Governorship Aspirant Ready To Develop Abia

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu has pledged his support to any governorship aspirant ready to develop the state if elected.

Mr Kalu made the remarks on Tuesday when an APC candidate visited him at his Camp Neya home in Igbere, a local government area in Bende.

Emeka Atuma, who came to make a name for herself, was the third person to seek support, said Mr Kalu.

“I will only support an aspirant who is ready in spirit and conscience to develop the state and ensure that commerce and industry thrive,” the senator pointed out. “I will support anybody that will ensure that there is free education for children to go to school, pay workers’ salaries and build infrastructure.”

Speaking further, he noted, “By this visit, you have demonstrated that you are running for governor. “I will support you if you are better than other aspirants, but if they are better than you, then I will support them. I wish you well, and I know that if you become governor, you will do well.”

He said he hoped the APC would select the right person to win the election.

Earlier, Mr Atuma said his visit was to inform Mr Kalu of his desire to become Abia’s next governor.

“I have come to receive your approval and support to continue the good work you started when you were governor. I’m prepared in spirit and conscience to contest and win,” explained Mr Atuma. “I’m only seeking your approval, which is needed to ensure that the state is secure and given good direction and governance.”

Mr Atuma, who represented the Ikwuano / Umuahia Federal Constituency from 1999 to 2003, described Mr Kalu as the father of the modern political system in Abia.

According to him, the former governor established the current political system in government.



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