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I Wouldn’t Have Been Where I am Unless I Stole Money in Nigeria – Eldee

Eldee, the Nigerian rapper, has said that he does not leave Nigeria for the United State of America.

He said this while reacting to a follower’s statement stating that relocating to America is not easy and not always the best.

Responding, Eldee said he does not regret his decision to leave Nigeria in 2012 because he would not have accomplished all he had now unless he stole in Nigeria.

On his Instagram story, he wrote: “It’s all about perspective. Everybody’s journey is different. The real question is what your definition of ‘make it’ is. I don’t for a second regret my japa.

“My life today is exactly as I envisioned it in 2012 when I decided I was finally done with my Nigeria.

“We all have different goals and priorities in life. I chose being rich over looking rich. The only way I could have accomplished what I have today in Nigeria is if I stole the money and I no sabi thief.”



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