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I Contested Four Times Before Becoming Governor – Atiku

Atiku Abubakar has revealed how persistent and focused he has been in politics, explaining how he contested for governorship in his state four times before emerging winner.

“In joining politics, you have to be focused, principled and courageous. For example, I contested the governorship position four times before I was finally elected. That is politics for you. You have to be determined and be courageous,” said Mr Abubakar.

The former vice president had tried five times unsuccessfully to become Nigeria’s president. He is seeking a sixth attempt.

Mr Abubakar disclosed this on Tuesday while interacting with leaders of over 200 support groups across the country in Abuja.

Addressing the leaders of the groups, the ex-vice president explained that he was delighted that more young people are participating in politics now.

Mr Abubakar noted that he would want to mentor the young generation and hand over his political structure to them.

He urged youths to be consistent and courageous in pursuing their aspirations.

“It is encouraging that these days I see many young people come to me declaring intentions to run for various political positions, some state assemblies, some national assembly and even some aspiring to be governors,” added the PDP presidential aspirant.

Mr Abubakar told the support groups that he joined politics “early like many of you.”

“I started in my late 30s. During our time, our direction was to fight the military and return the country to civil rule,” he pointed out.

Mr Abubakar expressed gratitude to the leaders of the support groups for the roles they played during the 2019 presidential election.

“We are more organised now. It is a reflection of the fact that we are now more experienced and with experience comes more knowledge,” stressed the ex-vice president. “What that means is that if there was any mistake that we made last time, we are in a better position to avoid such mistakes now.”




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