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God Told Us To Support Tinubu For President: South-South Pastors

The South-South branch of the Network of Clergymen in Nigeria (NCN) has urged the APC to ensure the party ticket is given to Bola Tinubu as it is God’s mandate to rule the country.

In a statement by the coordinator-general, Joseph Francis and deputy coordinator Chris Ebhodaghe, the clerics said Nigeria needed a strong politician like Mr Tinubu to become the country’s next president.

“The country has never been so divided and impoverished before, but when you look at the track record and political history of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, you will realise that this is the best time for us to have this miraculous change,” stated the clerics. “We need a strong man who has the capacity, tenacity, courage and determination to drive the economy and create more infrastructure in Nigeria.”

They noted that Mr Tinubu would bring a fresh breath to the polity because he has not been a part of the government in the last 15 years but just a national leader of the APC.

The clerics added that Nigeria was divided along ethnic and religious lines and needed a detribalised Nigerian with the capacity to accommodate all.

“We need a man that will bring togetherness and peaceful coexistence between the Christians and Muslims in Nigeria, and Tinubu is the one the spirit of God tells us to follow,” they claimed. “As an elected senator in the aborted third republic, he was at the forefront of the restoration of democracy which was eventually achieved in 1999, and he has remained constant to date. Nigeria needs fresh air, and we believe Tinubu is the fresh air.”

The group urged All Progressives Congress (APC) members to ensure that Mr Tinubu got the party’s ticket.



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