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Fayose Mocks Buhari For Failing Nigerians, Refusing To Tender Resignation

Peter Ayodele Fayose, former Governor of Ekiti State, has mocked President Muhammadu Buhari’s government for failing to fulfil its promises to Nigerians and as well refusing to tender resignation.

According to Fayose, the living conditions of Nigerians have become worse since the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was ousted from power by the APC and Buhari.

He noted that the honourable thing for Buhari to do is to resign, describing the President as shameless for refusing to do so, not unlike many African leaders who stay put in power amid glaring failures.

Fayose, a chieftain of PDP, stated this while featuring on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Wednesday.

He said, “If you say somebody has malaria, this present government is cancer. If I say someone has malaria …if you say PDP has malaria or headache, this government is cancer.

“Diesel during (former President Goodluck) Jonathan (administration) was N100 but diesel today is N700. I can’t explain it anymore. I’ve said it over and over. How many educational institutions are shut down today? Nothing works.

“Nigeria is in auto pilot. They should stop giving excuses after seven years. The wife that left my house seven years ago still complains about the black pot in the kitchen that made her to leave.

“They said they can do it better, that dollar will be one to one but dollar is N600 to $1 now. There are two ways to it, it’s either we’re lying, we are elites…we’re politicians we can come here and say sweet things, but the man who bears the brunt knows the truth.

“Let me tell you the truth, this government, they’re 419 (fraudsters), original one. They defrauded Nigerians. Someone tells you when he becomes President, the dollar will be one to one and they went further to tell you that these refineries that you see when they come back, Nigeria will have enough fuel and will export to other countries. These things are not adding up.

“Look at the security situation. I listened to General Muhammadu Buhari, I listened to him when he said he is a general and will bring his military experience to bear. But where are we today?

“I learnt they just released one of the victims of the train incident and the terrorists are said to have muscled about over N100 million and he was just released quietly. What country are we in?

“If I were President of Nigeria, I would resign for too many reasons. It’s only that we don’t have shame in Africa. African Presidents have no shame, they’ll be sleeping in their vomit.”



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