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Collect Aspirants’ Money; You Need It To Eat – Peter Obi

PDP presidential aspirant, Peter Obi, has called on party participants to raise money for those who want the presidency if it is offered but to make sound decisions that will reflect the best flag.

Mr Obi, at a stakeholder meeting in Oyo on Tuesday, said that although those who wanted to raise money would give them money, choosing someone with the ability to address the socio-economic challenges that create the country was important.

“If anybody gives you money, take it. It doesn’t matter. It might be our money and it may not be. Everybody needs money now. If you want to buy bread, a loaf is now N500 and you must get two,” he stated. “Everybody is expectant now. But I beg you, make an informed decision, such that you will be able to say that my children can live in a better society.”

Mr Obi, accompanied by his special adviser, Tony Obinujwu and former presidential aide, Doyin Okupe, was welcomed by party leaders led by Oyo PDP chairman Dayo Ogungbenro.

One who wished to describe himself as someone who could address the political and economic challenges of Nigeria.

The former Anambra governor said there was no consensus in the North, adding that there were no less than 12 candidates for the presidency in the PDP.

“On the issue of consensus, let me be honest with you, in the North, there is no consensus. The aspirants from the North are 12. In America, 30 people contested the election. In the South, how many of us? We are barely about eight,” Mr Obi added. “So, what is good is to listen to the eight of us, check the backgrounds of the eight of us, and decide who you are going to support.”



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