HomenewsChrisland School Suspends 10-Year-Old Abused Female Student

Chrisland School Suspends 10-Year-Old Abused Female Student

Chrisland school has been called out for concealing the case of a 10-year-old female student who was abused by her colleagues.

This comes after the school was called out for purposely sweeping under the carpet the incident of a female student who was taken turns on by a number of male students.

In a public statement, Chrisland school emphasized the action taken to resolve the case as it emphatically stated that the action of the student was a ‘truth and dare’ game.

“The student with a few of her counterparts willfully participated in a game they called ‘Truth or Dare,” a game which led her and a few other co-learners to carry out immoral acts after the light outs instruction was given,” the statement reads in part.



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