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Buhari’s Adviser Addresses Nigerians Who Migrate to Other Countries and Still Slander Nigeria

Tolu Ogunlesi, special assistant to President Buhari on digital and new media tackles citizens who move out of Nigeria yet engage in badmouthing the country.

The young man took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction at those who claim to have moved on and given up on Nigeria still steadily complaining and bashing the country from their current country of residence.

In his opinion, they shouldn’t be persistently engaged in a discussion they claim is bad for their mental health. He mentioned in an old tweet how impossible it seems for people to give up on Nigeria.

“It somehow feels impossible to give up on Nigeria. Even all the people who insist they’ve left for good seem to spend most of their time thinking and talking about the country they left behind. It’s like there’s no treatment that can permanently “cure” you of this our country.” he tweeted.

His recent tweet immediately arouses various reactions from different tweeps in his comment sections. Here are a few of them.

@OluwakayodeKomo reacted:

“Most Nigerians want a good country but don’t want to be good citizens.”

@Enimez commented

“Good citizens with 2 hours of power a day, fuel scarcity and exorbitant air fare without purchasing power. The ruling elite keep expecting ‘model citizens’ after running this country to the ground.”



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