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Apostle Suleman Speaks On Domestic Violence, Offers Advice [Video]

Apostle Johnson Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministries has spoken on the recent cases of domestic violence, offering friendly advise to women.

Addressing women in abusive relationships, the pastor advised women to report their ordeals to their biological brothers as abusive husbands deserve beatings.

Speaking on Sunday, Suleman asked: “All those women that their husbands are beating, don’t they have brothers?”

He added: “If they don’t have biological brothers, they have Christian brothers.”

The cleric also vowed to beat up any man in his church who is assaulting his wife.

If you are on this church and you are beating your wife, stop it. If she reports you to me, we will beat you.

“I will go to the police station and take permission before I gather brothers in this church to beat you,” the cleric said.



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