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APGA Aspirant Declares 2023 A Year For Nigeria’s First Female President

Angela Johnson, owner of UK-based Compassion Ministry, and All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) presidential aspirant, has declared 2023 a time for Nigeria to have the first female president, as she officially declared interest to run for presidency.

Speaking at the party secretariat in Umuahia, she explained: “Our men, who were elected into leadership positions in the country, have failed us. Although they were elected to serve, but they end up being served by the people that elected them.”

The APGA presidential hopeful expressed concern that the country had not enjoyed sustainable development since the return of democratic governance in 1999.

“I am being led by God to restore the hope of millions of Nigerians, who have become hopeless in the Nigerian project. God brought President Muhammadu Buhari and sustained him in office that I shall emerge,” Ms Johnson added.

She assured APGA chairman Augustine Ehiemere that he would be the first party chairman in the country to present the first female Nigerian president.

Ms Johnson also explained she had been approached to accept the vice-presidential position by a leading political party. She added that she declined because God sent her to be the country’s next president.

“God spoke to me, and I heard him clearly. He sent me to be president, not the vice president. This is my time. This is the time for Nigerian women to produce the nation’s president. There is a burning desire in me, and until Nigeria’s lost glory is restored, I cannot rest,” said the presidential hopeful.

She explained that she desired to help humanity and that the mandate she was aspiring to get “is not ordinary but divine.”

Ms Johnson, who recalled with nostalgia the good days of the nation’s economic boom, said she was set to restore the vision and desire of the country’s founding fathers.

“My heart bleeds each time I think about Nigeria’s present economic situation and huge sufferings by the masses,” she said.

When elected into office, Ms Johnson promised to make life more meaningful for the people through her economic recovery agenda.




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