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APC Female Presidential Aspirant Vows To Fix Nigeria In Six Months

The All Progressives Congress female presidential aspirant, Uju Ken-Ohanenye has vowed to transform and fix Nigeria within six months if elected.

Ms Ken-Ohanenye revealed this while receiving an award presented to her by Anambra women, under the auspices of the Nzuko Umuada Anambra Advancement Int’l Initiative (NUAAII) in Abuja.

The female aspirant emphasized that the time had come for a female president to be elected to make the country better.

“Countries are different. We cannot copy the Western countries. As this country is today, we need a woman’s touch and within six months you will see the difference,” said Ms Ken-Ohanenye.

The APC presidential aspirant added that Nigeria would need a woman who could manage its national affairs, a reason she aspired to be the next president.

“This is one of the reasons I decided to come on board after seeing things and I know within myself what I can do to get things right,” stated Ms Ken-Ohanenye. “I am also encouraging other women to come out. I am very proud of those already there.”



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