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2023: Supporters Urge Goodluck Jonathan To Contest For Presidency

Supporters of former president Goodluck Jonathan have paraded themselves with posters of him in Abuja, urging him to contest for 2023 presidency.

The supporters arrived at his office with a musical band around 8:50 a.m.

They lamented that since he left office, hunger, insecurity, unemployment, among others have become the order of the day.

The supporters said that both men and women have turned to beggers because of the unfavorable polices of the present administration.

Speaking, Ms. Ngozi Okafor said since the former President left in 2015, both men and women have been suffering.

She said, “Since he left the seat, we have been suffering, children are dying, we are tired. We have turned to beggers, women are begging, children are begging. We don’t need Baba Buhari again. Our children are no longer going to school.”

The supporters were armed with placards with various inscriptions like, “Goodluck Declare Now; Goodluck we love you come back; Goodluck we want you back; Goodluck Jonathan Nigeria’s destiny is in your hand.”



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