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2023 Elections: Lagos Trader Gives Reasons He Will Not Vote For PDP, APC Candidates

While some Nigerians are hoping for a positive change in power after the 2023 elections, Traders at mile 12 market Lagos have given up hope of a better Government. This was deduced from a recent chat legit.ng had with traders from the said market.

In the course of this chat, there were various complaints about the state of the economy and how it has affected their business negatively. A good number of traders have vowed not to participate in the upcoming elections their reason being that they are yet to see a worthy candidate.

A Particular trader who sells foodstuff items complained about the leadership style of the government both past and present, he claims that it is stagnant, the same set of rulers and the same political parties who end up leaving a trail of unfulfilled promises after assuming office.

He referred to the present Government as a scam, “The last administration, the Peoples Democratic Party, failed us, but this present administration, the APC-led government headed by President Buhari has scammed us. Where is the change they promised us, and we are yet to move to the next level?” he said.

According to him, he will not be participating in the upcoming election because the politicians are the same and they are not worthy of the position they are vying for. In his exact words:

Because of the present situation in the country, I have decided that I will not vote. I won’t partake in the exercise because the politicians are the same, the aspirants are the same, and they are not good materials for the nation’s most exalted position. They have nothing to prove to us as a people. Nothing at all. So, I won’t vote for the PDP or APC’s candidate come 2023 because they are all the same.”



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