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The Prophets That Predicted My Death Are Fake Christians – Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale has come out to speak for the first time after ‘surviving’ the latest death prophecy which was placed on him by a pastor in Ghana.

The musician who had earlier kept mute about it was full of rage after he successfully scaled through.

Early in 2018, Shatta Wale received a prophesy by many ‘men of God’ that he was set to die during the year if he did not change his ways. Many of these prophecies had been aggravated by social media as many people could not help but think the prophets’ utterances could turn out to be true.

Shatta Wale, in past responses had rejected these bad prophecies with threats of burning down some churches if the prophecy ended up being false.

Ghana’s popular prophet, Stephen Adom, was one of those who came out to warn Shatta Wale to be careful or he would die on December 24, 2018.
He had said “God said I should tell Shatta Wale that if he is not very careful and cautious, he will be involved in an accident in December and die,” Prophet Adom reportedly said.

Shatta Wale did not pay attention to the prophecy but it always felt like he had his fingers crossed for the doom day that was predicted and since the day passed, he took to social media to celebrate.

In a message on his Facebook page, Shatta Wale threw curses at the peddlers of those death prophecies, describing them as fake Christians.

He shared, “Fire Burn Fake Christians this Christmas ——————————————————- You go fi go mallam for medicine But you for kno say this whole Accra me I get that pharmacy … Shatta movement be talk and do and we go do am p3333 !!!!! �� Ghana needs to know God otherwise most of the youth will fail in their quest to make this country a better one .. Think say u get medicine, noooo Me Ade drink blood and bath blood and also keep blood … If you don’t know me don’t play wrong card cuz am very scary .. I AM DA BEAST THAT THIS WORLD HASNT SEEN BEFORE ,I AM TOO BLESSED MY NIGGA TOO FUCKEN BLESSED …”


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