Promote Music

Here at inforistic, we have the interest of others as our priority. One way we show this is by assisting upcoming African singers by making their music heard at no cost. We take our time and every effort we can put in to make sure upcoming artists are been heard using our brand as a medium of announcement.

What do you get when you promote your track(s) on inforistic?

  • We place your music for download on our blog. The good thing is that we get thousands of daily visits, meaning, your song gets to a whole lot of people.
  • We share your song on our social handles, meaning, all our fans are aware of your song already.
  • Your music stands a chance to be featured on our mix-tapes which will be displayed on both our blog and social media handles for DJ’s around Africa to download. thats really gonna be exposure for you.


What will it cost me to enjoy all of these?

Like it’s written above, you won’t have to pay a dime to promote your music on inforistic. All you have to do is, sing good music, then send to us via email ?

NOTE: We do not accept every song for promotion here. Our admins go through the songs manually and make sure it is good enough for our audience. Upon approval of your music, we will send you an email of your approval status.In the event that your track is disapproved for promotion, that doesn’t mean that you are not a good fit, we only believe that your work

If for any reason your song is not approved, this doesn’t mean that you are not a good fit. All we need is for you to do a retouch on your music and resend to us.

To Promote your song here for free, kindly send the following information to [email protected]

* Your stage name

* Track title

We will basically reply you in 48 hours.

Thanks for coming around, see you on the other side.