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Photos: Man Uses Empty Plastic Bottles To Build A House For Himself

This photos of this man building a house for himself has gone viral the original post has over 20,000 likes and 30k shares see some reactions below;

Kyo Soo Mamfung Well it’s good to recycle those bottles for house construction but I think that is not that durable unlike with the cement. Still dangerous when earthquake suddenly come in no time period.

Dhon Pajares Bitara The mere fact that we are now experiencing stronger typhoons and earthquakes, how sure are we that structures built using these materials will last and are strong enough to withstand the ever changing and stronger calamities? Yes, it is good to recycle but are they really built to last?

Kelvin Kmaster I see this as total nonsense and waste of time, does in the western world are far ahead building skyscrapers and so on…here is what we proud about??

Nestor Archival Mj we’re doing something like this in the Ecohouse since!2018 , we can explore more Extensive work building a house too-what im afraid us the structural capability to stand calamities-but it’s worth trying

Kcirej Senivaj Ayadna wow. I call this an Innovative “Fvck-Off-Brickies” Revolutionary Idea. For some reason it has reduced my enthusiasm for becoming a briky one day lol


It seems this is already a trend, Below are Other similar photos we found online;


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